To properly comprehend SEO (search engine optimization), one must first have a fundamental understanding of digital marketing and the role SEO occupies within this realm. Digital marketing emerged as a fierce contender against traditional marketing channels such as print and television. As Amazon rocketed skyward, we witnessed the decline of Sears and Toys“R”Us. While the rise of YouTube and Google unfolded, newspapers and magazines saw a dwindling trajectory. More people now use Facebook more than they scrapbook, and when was the last time you consulted a phone book? Adaptation is crucial in a world where the internet is worshipped, and digital marketing is the means of capitalizing on this movement. As a business proprietor, it is essential to grasp the weight of digital marketing. More than likely, individuals will discover your website before they visit your store, meet you, or make a purchase.

Although Amazon may not be the internet’s crowning achievement, it remains its most conspicuous monument. Despite not having a single physical outlet, it has ascended to the position of the world’s largest retailer and the 6th largest company globally. Even more impressive, it boasts the largest market capitalization of any retail store, surpassing even Wal-Mart, and it’s only getting started.

Key digital marketing channels encompass search marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, and email marketing. Together, these digital marketing budgets surpassed TV advertising spending within the past five years. Among these channels, search engines emerge as the principal catalyst of business generation.

Consumers Usually Find Your Website Before They Find Your Storefront

Today, search engines churn out approximately 200 billion monthly searches (source: Over 236 million people in the USA utilized search engines in 2019. A considerable 66% of marketing professionals cite enhancing their organic online presence as their utmost marketing priority. Over 72% of individuals searching for a local store on their mobile phones will visit the store. Interestingly, social media accounts for only an average of 3% of traffic to a website. Because of this, search engines generate the majority of online-based sales, while also leading to physical store visitations.

Hence, we’ve established that digital marketing has surpassed TV and other marketing channels in size and search engines dominate digital marketing sales. With this comprehension, it’s clear that search engine marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Search engine marketing consists of two varieties; sponsored search (PPC) and organic search (SEO). When executed efficiently, SEO tends to provide the best ROI long-term, given the expensive and overly competitive nature of PPC.

Reflecting on the initial query, Is the investment in monthly SEO services justifiable?, one must contemplate the consequences of a company’s absence from search engine results. You would be forgoing one of the most potent marketing channels for driving business. Search-based web traffic is second only to referrals. Search engines present your website to potential customers precisely when they are interested in the products or services you offer. This timing is unbeatable. Investing in SEO is a logical and worthwhile marketing strategy. The high volume of billions of people searching for millions of things results in a healthy sales ratio.

Over 72% of Consumers Searching for a Local Store on a Mobile Device Will Visit the Store

So why can’t a single SEO effort be enough instead of a prolonged approach? SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Websites don’t catapult from #1000 to #1 overnight. It requires time to foster trust with search engines. Google has publicly declared that it implements over 500 search algorithm updates annually and considers over 200 different signals to determine the rankings of websites. Persistent SEO is necessary due to the constant evolution of search engines. We approach SEO differently today than we did five years ago. In addition, just because a company makes a single SEO effort doesn’t imply that its competitors will do the same. Remember, this is serious business, and your business is at stake. Will you abandon SEO quickly, knowing that it is possibly the most crucial marketing influencer? If you’ve tried it and it didn’t work, it indicates the need for a greater, more focused strategy and a more competent digital marketing partner.

The true issue lies in the fact that most SEO companies are shockingly amateur at their jobs. They either deliberately exploit their clients, or they’re simply inept when it comes to SEO knowledge. There’s nothing inherently wrong with SEO theory, but a plethora of issues abound with SEO companies. When seeking an SEO firm, proceed with caution and thoroughness. Opt for an experienced agency with a proven track record. Don’t be swayed by a slick sales pitch. Take the time to ensure that the SEO company you hire demonstrates competence, integrity, and a proven track record so you can benefit from website optimization efforts.