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Positive Review:

“Excellent Company, I highly recommend Webfx for their professionalism as well as their genuine personal attention and care. I have had the pleasure to work with them for several years and everyone involved has been great . Our Website redesign came out fantastic, SEO, PPC, and Social have been great for our company. Specific Kudos to Heather, Luisa, Alicia, Keely, Andrew and Katie for being a part of our success.”

Negative review:

“Huge waste of company assets. These guys hooked me on “”guarenteed results”” in 6 months. Promised at least double organic traffic and higher conversion rate. 9 months and $30,000 later… all we have are a few nice written blog posts and a little restructuring. I DO NOT recommend spending your money with this firm! A few details… A couple of months into the project, they completely crashed our school website when installing UNAUTHORIZED software, over a weekend, and didn’t even let me know. A month or more after that I started asking where our money was going because I saw nothing to substantiate thousands of dollars paid so far, and their response… change project leads and start over from scratch pretty much. Heck these “”professionals”” weren’t even indexing the new “”super SEO powered”” pages, I had to find and do that myself. It’s like they spend most of their time talking about what they are going to do instead of doing anything effective.”

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WebFX is a renowned firm specializing in digital marketing solutions empowered by technology. They craft personalized strategies for each client, tailored to their unique requirements and objectives. Their exceptional team comprises award-winning marketers, designers, and developers who possess the expertise to deliver tangible online outcomes.

They prioritize crucial metrics such as lead generation and revenue, recognizing that achieving these goals propels businesses forward. Over the years, WebFX have gained valuable insights that reveal the effectiveness of strategically combining different digital channels, each with its own advantages. They provide comprehensive strategies to their clients, leveraging a mix of digital platforms to enhance visibility, conversions, and revenue.