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I am so happy to find a successful business like White Shark, who has exceeded my expectations. I have received so many promising leads which have lead to great business relations. I have grown my business by 20% due to White Shark Media. They continue to be on top of my ad words, campaigns, and website. I am glad I have found a personable company who is always in contact with my company. They are always either a phone call or email away. their response time is immediate for any new changes I want to implement.

I have been using White Shark since 10/14 for my office’s PPC management. I didn’t know they were actually a Nicaragua based company. I believed they were actually in Miami, FL due to their advertising and company info.
I was satisfied with their services until January 2017. I noticed a steep decline in relevant traffic. I immediately advised them of the problem. They indicated they would fix it. I think part of the problem is they aren’t extremely knowledgeable in their profession. I had two independent analyses conducted who gave them a D- grade on the report. Both pinpointed the problems in their reports. I spend 5k a month for my campaign and am currently wasting 73% of the money due to their campaign management. I have already contracted a top 5 US PPC company to take over the account asap from White Shark.
The language barrier issue is substantial and really came to light when their ad groups were created. I wish they were as good at what they did as they were before 2017. I really enjoyed their service up and until this year.


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