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Positive Review:

“DashClicks has been fantastic to be a part of, and their services are excellent and outstanding to build my business on. I am sure you will feel the same for yours. The cost to join is priced well.”

Negative review:

I used Dash Clicks for social media posts, and it was atrocious. Whoever they outsourced to could not spell. Also, all they did was take content from my website and literally copy and paste it. They didn’t even take the time to rephrase anything. In addition to this, the company they hired to do my social media posted the same posts multiple times. I paid for 8 posts/month, and I received 7 total…of those 7, 2 were duplicate posts. Dash Clicks wouldn’t issue me a refund. Instead, they offered a credit, but what good is a credit when I have no intention of ever using them again? I filed a dispute with my credit card company, and unfortunately lost. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!”

Review Source: Google Reviews

Fundamentally, we are a distinctive fusion of a digital marketing agency and a software company, driven by a deep commitment to assisting small businesses. Throughout more than ten years, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering SMBs with our exceptional services, enabling them to attain digital marketing triumph.

We have exerted considerable effort to establish efficient workflows and foster a team culture that thrives on collaboration, akin to a close-knit family. Our objective has consistently been to provide small businesses and their communities with a transformative experience. In essence, our purpose is to generate an influence that transcends mere financial outcomes. We are here to make a lasting impact.