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Positive Review:

“Can’t recommend highly enough. The team at Click have really built my online presence and this is now converting into increased business levels. Great communication and the team are always on hand if I have any questions.”

Negative review:

“This company is a bit of a joke and so unprofessional. They have been advertising a job for several months on their website, I contacted them to check if it was still available and not only did they not bother replying to me – no sorry it has been filled, we overlooked that – they then removed the advert from their site – obviously the role had been filled many months ago. So if they can’t run their own website, how are they going to help you to run yours? I’ve got several small clients who need to increase their online presence that I was hoping to introduce to them but I’ll look elsewhere now. There is nothing worse than terrible customer service.”

Review Source: Google Reviews

With offices situated in Cheltenham and London, we are a team of skilled professionals at a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO. What sets us apart is our unique approach that relies on data, enabling us to deliver exceptional and superior outcomes for all your SEO and digital marketing requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of services covering every aspect of the SEO process, including on-site audits, content creation, paid search marketing, blogging outreach, and link building strategies.

Our services cater to various entities, such as SEO agencies seeking a top-notch white-label agency, in-house SEO teams, small businesses, and even large enterprises. When you opt for our services, you can expect a tailored SEO campaign meticulously crafted to suit your company’s specific needs. Our utmost priority is to ensure quality, so reach out to us today to explore how we can contribute to your company’s enduring online success.