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Digital Marketing White Label Resource Guide

White label digital marketing services provide incredible opportunities for individuals to launch their own digital marketing company, or for existing companies to offer an expanded service portfilio. Learn everything you need to know about the Digital Marketing White Label industry. What it is, how it works, and where to begin.

The Business Opportunity

Digital marketing is one of the hottest industries today. As people become more and more comfortable using the internet, advertising online have become increasingly popular. Today, more marketing dollars are spent online than through traditional advertising methods. The onset of COVID-19 has further accelerated the growth of the need for digital marketing because people naturally turned to the internet to engage in business, and make purchases, digitally. Digital Marketing is now in its golden age because it provides more insights, analytics and targeting capabilities than traditional advertising, while also receiving record demand. Businesses not engaged in digital marketing are at a strong competitive disadvantage. As businesses become aware of the urgent need to engage in digital marketing, they need to connect with digital marketing agencies. With the help of white label digital marketing providers, you can be the one delivering digital marketing services to the thousands of businesses in need. White Label Report is your guide to make this happen.

White Label vs. Reseller

When outsourcing digital marketing tasks to a service provider, there are two primary ways it can work. These methods include White Label and Reseller options. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages, and your need may change over time. Fortunately if your work with the right provider, you can switch between being at Reseller and a White Label as it best suits your needs.

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White Label Marketing

White Label Marketing is a service where another company executes the actual marketing tasks for you. You sell digital marketing services under your own company name, and you maintain the relationship with your client. The identity of your white label provider remains anonamous, and all reporting is presented under your own brand name. Maintaining a relationship with your client is very advantageous because it help you grow your company through referrals and branding. You are also free to mark-up service fees as you see fit, and provide your own complimentary services. The disadvantages are that maintaining a business relationship with your client can be time consuming, distracting you from sales.

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Marketing Reseller

As a digital marketing reseller, the identity of the service provider is known to the end client. Your are reselling someone else's service, and the actual service provider maintains the business relationship with the client. You earn a sales commission for connecting the end client to the marketing service provider, but you are limited by how much commission you can make from the sale. The key advantage is that you are hands-free of any support once the sale has happened. This provides you considerable free time to move on to the next sale. However, the company you are selling for is likely going to benefit from referrals coming from the client, as they own the relationship once the sale has occured.

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